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Robyn has been the conductor of Hobart City Brass Band for over ten years. She is also a long-time member of the Hobart Wind Symphony, where she plays the French Horn. She is also an award-winning soloist who has been recognised in state and national competitions.

Robyn joined Hobart City Band in 2003, playing with Hobart Wind Symphony, Brass Band, Youth Winds, and other various ensembles throughout the years.

Robyn has competed in state and national competitions on French Horn, and holds multiple state titles and has placed as high as 3rd on a national level. She started conducting the Hobart Junior Brass Band in 2011 and continued with the band as it aged up to the Hobart Brass Band as it’s known today.

The French horn is a brass instrument that has a long history in wind and concert bands. It is typically played in the middle to high range of a band’s sound, and can be used to provide a warm and rich sound that complements the other instruments in the group. The horn has its roots in hunting horns and other signalling instruments used in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was initially used in classical orchestral music, but was eventually adopted by wind and concert bands as well.

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